Scentwork Skills (Thu)

7.50 60 Minutes

In this class we will work on lots of different skills to help you and your dog become a confident scentwork team.  There will also be searches based on those needed for Scentwork UK, Nosework Games and National Nosework Association.


Skills will include indications, reinforcement strategies and start line routines.  


Your dog needs to be working on cloves and/or gun oil to join this class as I will not be covering introducing the initial scent.


You can book weekly, or book a number of sessions in advance.  Payment needed no later than 24 hours beforehand.  Cancellations less than 24 hours before the lesson will not be refunded.

Is this suitable for beginners?

Sorry, but no - however there is a Beginner's Scentwork class available, or you can book a 1-1.

Can I bring more than one dog?

Yes, but you will need to book a second space for them.